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Your marketing and business goals are achieved through the highest caliber design. From a design studio headed by a highly motivated multi-award winning young designer.

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Web Design & Devolvement

We know exactly what it takes to design and develop a professional looking, informative and interactive websites as well as being user friendly based on a very strong, responsive and adaptive structure.

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Responsive Web Design

We use the latest web programming technologies to create a fully responsive, adaptive and smart websites that are fast and accessible from any device!

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Graphic Design & Branding

We hand-craft unique and stunning business logos to complete corporate branding and visual identity to bring the unique qualities of your brand to life, to make your brand stand out from the ordinary, and become extraordinary!

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Glen Eric Huysamer

Glen Eric Huysamer​

“I would like to take this opportunity to warn people who might consider using Loai Design Studio. You will have to buckle up and strap yourself in as this young designer and associates take you through the process of creating your design needs. I was pleasantly surprised from start to finish, and can say that even though Loai took control of the creative process the end result felt like it was mine. You can not go wrong with this young lad, go ahead surprise yourself.” 30th December, 2011

Vanessa Elharrar M.D​​​

Vanessa Elharrar M.D

“It was wonderful to work with Loai on my website. He’s a really talented and gifted web designer, really creative and really has an eye for style and design. I loved the process of working with him, he’s a really nice guy and I do recommend him. I think you’ll love the outcome. I was very impressed and would use him again in a heartbeat.” 25th November, 2012

Neal Kilburne​​

Neal Kilburne​​

“Loai is a great asset to our company and provides us with great and quick responses, such a talented designer which we have the honour of working with.” 2010 - 2012

Geeta Martinez

Geeta Martinez

“Leo did a great job! He designed and put together several websites for me in less than a week. He was incredibly patient and flexible throughout the whole process, and took a lot of the stress out of the whole situation for me. He is a really nice guy to work with - I really appreciated his approach! I would definitely recommend working with him.” 14th July, 2013

Phil Turtle

Phil Turtle

“When we needed a new logo for our business operation (Data Center Industry PR). We needed somebody to help to try to encapsulate what a Data Center is, into a very simple logo. As many people don not even know what a Data Center is that was not an easy challenge. But Loai Design stepped up & within two days we had several ideas from which to choose, we worked on the chosen one of those & very quickly indeed we had a full working logo and our ecommerce site up and running. Thank You Loai Design.” 11th July, 2013

Richard Jackson

“Loai designed my website last year though I could have done it myself loai added a proffesional touch to the design which is so important in creating the best first impression.” 2013

Lulu Oliver

Lulu Oliver

“He is the most fantastic young man, he is talented, clever and extremely helpful. He Put my whole package together, he designed the website well. Now I have a website that I can mange my self and it just have everything I wanted to do. So I can't recommend him highly enough, he really is a really good guy, and if you want some help or you want him to do your website, that is the place to go!” 26th March, 2013

Alina Kouneva Tremblay

Alina Kouneva Tremblay

“I had the honor and the privilege to work with Loai on my website. I have been looking for a web designer, who can simply just do what I wanted and put it in a website so that my customers had access to my work. He was wonderful to work with, as much he's a professional, he's also just a great guy and very easy to work with. I remember laughing lot with him and it's always a nice thing to do, becouse websites can be a bit stressfull. I love my website, my friends love my website, my business associate love my website, and I simply want everybody to love their websites as much as I do. So I highly recommend Loai for your next website!” 5th April, 2013

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